Name: Rondinerona P00-1500 (Swedish SE30-00-7543)
Studbook no: RR 4281 (2003: 88788=39p)
Breed: gotland pony
Gender: mare
Colour: palomino
Markings: blaze, right hind leg half stocking and white hoof
Born: 20.5.2000, Sweden
Deceased: 21.10.2015
Withers: 123 cm
Breeder: Bengt Westergren, Sweden

  • 2006 gelding Vikas Rondex by Ernst Ronaldo
  • 2007 stallion Vikas Rondo by Ernst Ronaldo
  • 2008 mare Bombadil’s Arwen by Ernst Ronaldo

Heppa (Hippos) : Rondine : Rondine

Bond RR 438
palomino 122cm
Vagabond RR 360
chestnut 129cms
Signal RR 148
light bay
Raketen RR 102
Maja RR 1234
Bettan RR 1066
Gullding RR 108
Isabella RR 655
Bessi RR 1065
buckskin 118cm
Klippman RR 97
Klipp RR 93
Dodo RR 276
Bettan RR 496
smoky black
Revel General RR 106
Betty RR 248
Lill-Ronja RR 3586
bay 125cm
Lill-Brunte RR 310
dark bay 122cm
Brunte RR 220
Klippman RR 97
Becka RR 529
Russali RR 1456
Dröm RR 131
Russi RR 622
Rolletta RR 1510
black bay 124cm
Rollo RR 143
Friskus RR 103
Lillstinta RR 357
Soletta RR 627
Criban Daniel RR 124
Sara RR 428

Rona became in our stable in 2008. She was imported from Sweden and she was pregnant at the time. Rona foaled Arwen later and after that we have participated in few trotting races. Hopefully Rona starts racing again in 2015 and someday we will hope more offsprings from her.

Rona can be ridden and driven. She is very eager runner, but still quite easy to handle.

Trotting races:
Rondine has been competed in Sweden, before importing to Finland. Specific statistics are unavailable.

Date Track Distance Pl Km-time Driver
2009-08-16 Seinäjoki 1740 dq Saa Laitinen
2010-06-13 Jyväskylä 1600 dq Saa Laitinen

18: 3 – 4 – 4 , rec. 2.20,3aly, 2.21,3ly

Shows, match shows and other competitions:
31.1.2003 studbook evaluation, Sweden. Approved in studbook 88788=39 p.
17.5.2009 trot race training, Konginkangas. 1600m, dq.
16.10.2010 match show, Saarijärvi, Ponies and donkeys -winner of class.