Stable is owned by Saara Piristine (nee Laitinen). Life with ponies started in two years age in 1987, when yearling shetland colt Santtu arrived into family. Santtu taught many things for whole family, who didn’t have much previous experience of horses. But trust between me and Santtu worked from very beginning, though it wasn’t always easy to train him to pull carts and also being ridden.

Pipari came along in 2000, when trot racing for ponies started to get more popular. Santtu was already quite old by then, but still was racing. Pipari had more speed and won her first race. She kept running better and unfortunately had to quit because of age limitations for driver. Later Rona came in picture, because competing in bigger ponies races is not limited. Pipari being pregnant that time, was good opportunity to buy second pregnant mare. In year 2008 amount increased suddenly from two to five. After that we moved to our own farm to get more space for ponies, just 10 km from previous place.

With ponies I have tried many kind of practice possible with horses: trot racing, riding in many forms; english, western, show jumping, dressage, eventing, gallop racing, also long reining, carriage, ski-joring, pony agility, shows, match shows… almost everything ponies can do.

Horses being important part in my life, I wanted to study more and went into agricultural school to study horse management. It has given good information and experience of running own stable.

Education and work:
Vocational education of Horse management (Groom), Agricultural Institute of Central Ostrobothnia Finland 2006
Further Qualification in Sales, Vocational Education Institute of Northern Central Finland 2009
Degree programme in Business Information Technology, Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences, graduation expected 2016

Work experience from many areas, seller in pet shop and grocery store and also office work and kids afternoon activities, including pony club at own Bombadil’s Stable.