Name: Bombadil’s Arwen P08-1490
Breed: gotland pony
Gender: mare
Colour: bay
Born: 2.5.2008, Finland
Withers: 127 cm
Breeder: Saara Piristine, Finland

Hippos : Bombadil’s Arwen : Bombadil’s Arwen

Ernst Ronaldo RR 580
dark bay 125cm
Skotte RR 492
smoky black 125cm
Ripadals Jecell RR 382
dark bay
Clipper Junior RR 281
Jenny RR 2197
Speedy Olga RR 3034
smoky black
Ripadals Bylon RR 346
Raija RR 2176
Regatta RR 2740
bay 123cm
Garribaldi RR 311
dark bay
Dröm RR 131
Rolletta RR 1510
Rebecka RR 2280
Klippman RR 97
Becka RR 529
Rondine RR 4281
palomino 123cm
Bond RR 438
palomino 122cm
Vagabond RR 360
Signal RR 148
Bettana RR 1066
Bessi RR 1065
Klippman RR 97
Bettan RR 496
Lill-Ronja RR 3586
bay 125cm
Lill-Brunte RR 310
dark bay
Brunte RR 220
Russali RR 1456
Rolletta RR 1510
black bay
Rollo RR 143
Soletta RR 627

Arwen is second foal born in our stable. She was two weeks late of due date and we were excited to see what will come out of Rona, since Pipari had foaled skewbald colt few weeks earlier. We hoped for mare and bay mare it was. Rona gave birth outside stable in evening, all means to avoid us not seeing it, but we happened to be there in the middle and Arwen was carried inside stable, nights still being cold at that time.

As foal Arwen was very shy, but fast. She kept running long times and poor Pippin was trying to catch her by making shortcuts of their running rounds. Pippin and Arwen became very good friends and they grew up together. Being separated from their mommies was easier, since they had each others.Later on they had to be put on different paddocks, Pippin realizing him being stallion. Arwen is very playful and sweet pony, who wants to be friends with everyone and run around.

She unfortunately suffers of sweet itch and she cannot enjoy summer so much. She needs to wear whole body covering blanket, which makes it harder for insects to bite her.

Arwen has been racing in few races, but she is still getting nervous on race track and need more training. She rather reads commercials on racetrack than concentrates on running. She also knows basic things of riding, so she can be ridden too.

Trotting races:

Date Track Distance Pl Km-time Driver
2014-09-06 Härmä 1600 5 2.41,8 Saa Piristine
2014-10-13 Jyväskylä 2140 4 2.35,1 Saa Piristine
2014-11-16 Jyväskylä 1640 5 3.12,3 Saa Piristine

3: 0 – 0 – 0, rec. 2.35,1ke