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Our stable is renovated from old cow barn in 2009. Barn is build in 1950’s. Currently we have 4 boxes and 4 more coming soon. We have also wash stall and warm tack room. Boxes have rubber mat on bottom and we are using peat as bedding.

Paddocks & Pastures
We have 2 big paddocks with wooden fences for wintertime use. Versatile summer pastures in 4 sections, covering about 5 hectares, including forest, field and lakeside.

Open shed
Coming later. Old grain dryer building is going to be open shed for 2-6 foals or ponies including free movement in and out with paddock.

Round pen
15 m diameter round pen for ground work and training.

Outdoor riding arena
Small grass arena, including few jumps.

Training path
500 meter grass covered track to train ponies or foals with carts.

Trail & Jump course
Coming soon. Inside one of the pastures, jump and pony agility training course including different jumps and obstacles. We also have good opportunities to ride and drive in forests and small forest roads straight from stable yard.

In summertime it’s possible to take horse to swim.